Everything We want you to know

I am often asked what makes me different from the next photographer? In my opinion, it has a lot to do with the fact that I genuinely care about so much more than just the photographs themselves. This is not about me...it's about YOU.  I care about your overall experience well before, during and after the time you or your loved ones spend even one second in front of my camera.  I care about your interests, your passions, what gets you excited when you wake up in the morning.  It all matters to me, because I am not the photographer that never wants to see you again.  I want to become a permanent part of your life.  I want to be the guy who you can trust to deliver whenever you have a photographic need.  I want to be the guy you can't wait to tell your closest friends and family about when they are looking for a great photography experience.  I love what I do and being able to share that joy through the experience that I strive to provide is everything to me.

I specialize in Weddings, Portraits and Events but will never limit myself to just these genres.  I love to engage in projects outside of the norm so please reach out if you have an awesome idea to consider.  For interested bridal clients, my shooting style can be best described as traditional, romantic and timeless. Using a mix of natural light and off-camera flash (part of what adds to our signature style), we will create images that will be tough to compare to others. Whether you are looking at your album one year from now or twenty years from now, you will still be able to relive the day just the same without any regrets. For more information on how I may be able to assist you with your photographic needs, send a detailed message via the contact page and I will be sure to respond as soon as possible. I can't wait to meet and work with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out more information about your prices and packages?

To obtain pricing/packaging info, we kindly ask that you visit the contact page and send us a request along with your name, number, email and wedding date/venue as well as any other details you would like to share with us (the more the better!).  We like to ensure we have availability to offer our services before we send along any information for you to review.  Our Full Day Wedding rates for photography (Digitals Only) begin at $5500. For Cinematography, our Full Day Wedding rates also begin at $5500 and include a 7-10 Minute Extended Highlight Film.

We love your packages and would like to learn more.  Do we need to schedule an appointment?

We can't stress the importance of making an appointment to come meet and chat with us. You will spend a TON of time with your wedding photographer/cinematographer on what is considered one of the most important days of your life. Why not ensure that you will be 100% comfortable with him/her. If you are uncomfortable, it will show in your photos/video...and trust me, that's not good for anyone. Studio visits are laid back and relaxed.  We aren't pushy sales people. We are here to educate and guide you on what is best and we are proud of the products that we are able to make availble to you.  We want to get to know you and your fiancé and you should want to get to know us too. I'm an open book and don't believe in secrets so you're free to ask any questions you'd like about myself or my business. In addition, while visiting the studio you will have an opportunity to look through several real wedding albums that we keep in-house. You'll see some products up on the walls and a slideshow of images or video samples that will play continuosly throughout our conversation. Studio visits are generally scheduled during weekday evenings anytime after 7PM but we can often be flexible with enough advanced notice. Contact us today to schedule your visit. We can't wait to meet with you!

How long have you been shooting weddings for and is this your full time job?

As of June 2015, my wife Maria and I focus solely on the studio as our full-time jobs. I began my career working as a photographer in the wedding industry in 2011 and have been photographing weddings as a primary photographer since 2013.

Are there reviews of your Studio online that we can read up on?

Absolutely!  We take great pride in the feedback that our previous brides and grooms have left for us. You may find reviews for the studio both on Wedding Wire and The Knot as well as our official Facebook page and Google.  

Will you travel for our wedding?

Absolutely!  We can discuss all of the specifics regarding required expenses and accommodations but we would love to be a part of your special day no matter where you decide on hosting it.

Our wedding will only require partial day coverage, is this something your studio offers?

Yes!  Although you will realize the greatest savings when booking a "full day coverage" package, we do also offer an hourly rate of $450/hour per service. Booking hourly wedding coverage on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday does however require a minimum of 4 hours of coverage.  

Will you be there on our wedding day or will a different photographer be assigned?

This is a very important question.  If you meet with me and you decide to book my services for your wedding day, rest assured that I will be there with you from start to finish. Your wedding day is never outsourced to other photographers. We have a very talented team of Senior Associate photographers who we do make available for you to book in the event that I am already booked on your wedding date. We also offer a slight savings on the service portion of your contract when booking with one of our Senior Associate photographers.

How soon do you deliver the images from the wedding day, in what format and how many?

We guarantee delivery of your digital wedding proofs within 60 days of your wedding, although our average turnaround time is generally closer to 35 days. All images will be color-corrected and adjusted for brightness/exposure and delivered as full-size/high resolution jpegs without watermarks. As each wedding day is unique, we do not make any guarantees or promises with regards to the number of images that we will deliver. However, on average, we will typically end up delivering around 75-100 images per hour of coverage. We like to focus on quality over quantity, but rest assured that we will not hold any images hostage based on any specific numbers that we might have reached.

Are we entitled to RAW or Unedited images or Video?

Unfortunately we do not release any RAW or unedited images or video under any circumstances. The investment that you are making in us should be based on the high-end finished product that we are known for consistently delivering. For that reason, we feel viewing unedited footage will only take away from that experience. With regards to video, we do understand that there are certain moments throughout your day that may be more important to you but that might not be able to be included in your highlight or feature film. We therefore offer add-on's that will allow you to have and rewatch those important moments as edited clips in addition to your finished film. We have plenty of examples that we can share with you so that you can better understand how we deliver our films and what including add-on's might look like. If you'd like for us to send over a link, just let us know!

Will we be free to have prints made anywhere or will we be required to order through your studio?

Any image that you receive from us is yours to keep and do as you please. You will receive a Print/Copyright Release which will entitle you to have your images printed at any lab without issue. Your online gallery however comes fully equipped with a store feature built right in which will enable you to place any print/product orders you'd like while taking advantage of the high quality and wide range of products that our Professional Labs offer. We will also be more than happy to walk you through the ordering process to determine what size or what type of product might look best for your needs.

Have you shot a wedding at our venue before and if so, would we be able to see sample photos from real weddings? If not, would you plan on visiting the venue before hand?

Although I have photographed weddings at many venues over the years, there are also many in which I have not yet visited. Please share your venue name with me and I'll be happy to tell you whether I've worked there before or not and if possible provide some sample images as well.  In some cases, we may plan on visiting your venue prior to your wedding day if we feel it might be necessary and beneficial. We will take it on a case-by-case basis.

We are still undecided, can you hold our date while we consider our options?

We accept bookings on a first come/first served basis. In order to secure our services for your wedding day, a non-refundable retainer of $1000 per service (Photo & Video) will be required. 

What forms of payment do you accept and what are the payment terms?

As mentioned just above, we accept cash, check or credit (3.5% fee) for the initial retainer payment.  In addition to the $1000 retainer (per service) that is required to reserve your date, the remainder of your balance will be broken down into either two or three payments which will be payable by either cash, check or credit. Please note that all balances must be paid in full at least 30 days before your wedding date. Your remaining payments may be scheduled at anytime in-between the retainer payment and final payment. We will work out a schedule that works for you. 

If we pay our entire wedding balance in cash, will we be able to avoid paying sales tax or receive a discount?

Cash payments are always welcome however please note that our advertised pricing is our cash price. Collecting your balance in cash does not exempt Jesse Rinka Photography from paying New York State sales tax on the portions of your package which include any physical product (ie; wedding album, USB drive, canvas wrap etc).  Although sales tax will not be required on any service based fees, it will be required on physical products.

Is your studio insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and can provide proof of insurance to your venue or any portrait location which requires it.

If for some reason we need to cancel our wedding after booking, do you offer refunds?

While we sympathize with any situation which leads to the cancellation of your wedding day, it is important to note that your retainer payment and all other monies already paid will be non-refundable. The retainer payment guarantees that no one else will be able to book our services on your wedding day and once the agreement has been signed, we are forced to turn down all other commissions/bookings for that date. However, if we are able to book another wedding on your cancelled date, we will gladly refund all monies paid minus the retainer.

If our wedding date is during the week, on a Sunday or during the winter, do you offer any discounts?

Although we appreciate and understand this question, unfortunately we do not offer discounts for off-season, mid-week or Sunday weddings.  The reason for this being that the amount of hours that we spend before your wedding day, on your wedding day and the weeks following are the same whether you are getting married in January or September.  We treat each and every wedding with the same amount of attention to detail and care and all costs associated with your wedding day remain the same for our studio throughout the year.