the team

The difference is in the experience

Behind every great client experience is a team of professionals working hard together to make it all happen. Although each team member might contribute in different ways and at different stages throughout the process, each of their roles are equally as important. Learn a bit more about who we are below and we hope that you will allow us an opportunity to get to know you as well.

Jesse & Maria Rinka
Lead Photographer & Studio Manager

This is us! We are Jesse and Maria Rinka, the husband and wife team behind Jesse Rinka Photography. As Lead Photographer, I will likely be the face that you will see the most. From the initial consultation through to your wedding day or portrait session, I'm your guy! As Studio Manager, Maria keeps everything running smoothly. She works the back-end and handles pretty much 98% of all communication that takes place over email or phone. Together, we lead an amazing team of talented photographers and cinematographers who share the same high level of passion and desire to be great, not average. The focus is always on the client experience that is provided. Customer service is of the greatest importance to us and we want you to not only feel comfortable working with us but we also want to ensure that you feel the value of the service we provide to you far exceeds your investment. Give us the opportunity to do what we do best and we won't let you down!  

Ryan Moynihan
Lead Cinematographer

Ryan found a passion for filmmaking through photography at a young age and has been hooked ever since. Finding his voice as a visual storyteller at SUNY Oneonta, Ryan, a young wedding cinematographer brings fresh energy and vision to the wedding industry. Don’t let his age fool you though; Ryan is a very passionate and driven filmmaker who loves working with couples that are just as excited as he is! While creating beautiful cinematic visuals is a staple of Ryan’s work for every wedding, story is always his number one focus while capturing your most important day.

Ryan's style can be described as naturalistic, harnessing and shaping natural light, capturing beautifully genuine moments as they happen throughout the day. While Ryan does take time to direct couples when a unique opportunity presents itself, he most often follows a documentary approach and allows the events of the day to unfold naturally. It is a perfect mix of organic beauty mixed with cinematic sequences that take your film to the next level.

Paolo Impellizeri
Primary Wedding & Event Photographer

In addition to Paolo's amazingly beautiful photographs, he is known for his comforting personality and calming wedding day presence. His ability to guide you through poses takes away all of the awkwardness often associated with taking photos and keeps your focus on enjoying the moments that matter the most. His attentive nature and willingness to always go the extra mile allow for complete coverage of your special day without you having to worry about any details being overlooked. If you are not having a great time with Paolo, then you're probably doing something wrong :)

Joseph "Joe" Brett Kaminski 
Primary Wedding & Event Photographer

Joe is what I like to refer to as a master strobist. Although his photographic vision and talent is abundant across all types of scenarios and lighting conditions, I feel his most signature imagery comes as a result of using off-camera lighting. He is so successful at making artificial and natural light come together in perfect harmony that for all the right reasons, you have a hard time pulling your eyes away from his images. With his experience shooting large weddings and events as well as his amazing personality and talent, Joe is a huge asset to our team.

Mark Liflander
Primary Wedding Photographer
Bar/Bat-Mitzvah Specialist

The first time Mark created a fantastic photographic image he was ten years old, taking pictures of his cat, Santana. The moment he watched the image emerge on a piece of paper sitting in a wet tray (yes, film processing!), he was hooked. He went on to study at one of the premiere photography schools in the world, the Rochester Institute of Technology where he built a strong foundation as a photographic artist. 

"When I am photographing, my MO is to be 'everywhere and nowhere'; A friendly, calm, and effective presence. I truly love photographing people. I am focused not only on capturing beautiful and meaningful images, but also on ensuring that our clients trust that they are in good hands." 

When Mark is not photographing professionally, he is focused on his muses: his joyful wife, two beautiful and funny daughters, and their two pups Star and Neo.