Maria & Fort’s Engagement shoot | Central Park

Hey guys! Central Park…a place I love to go in the Spring season and am truly missing right now. Hopefully, this all ends soon and we can get back to enjoying all of the places we love and continue exploring new ones! With that being said let’s go to Central Park through this beautiful engagement session. This spring e-session really has the team waiting for things to get better so that they can get back out there. To the city they love so much.

Our couple wanted to start off at the Waldo Hutchins Bench…it reads  “You should live for another if you would live for yourself. Pretty beautiful right!?

There are so many amazing shots of these two it’s hard to pick my favorite, which one is yours? As always make sure to hit that subscribe button and leave me some comments!

Some fun BTS shots!

Team for the Day: Lead Photographer- Jesse Rinka
Assist: Maria

Blog post by: Lyndsay Jarufe | Social Media Manager @ellejay_beauty

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