Caitie & Matt’s Engagement Shoot | Pierson Park

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! How are we all doing in quarantine?! The important thing is that we stay safe and healthy! In the meantime here’s some more content for you guys so grab a cup of joe and your coziest hoody and enjoy! This shoot made me smirk as soon as I saw the Rangers jersey, my fiance is a huge fan so I can relate. Looks like we have a little hockey rivalry here though…I like it! Make sure to subscribe and leave me some comments so I can remember how to socialize!

A little BTS!

Video below will show you a bts of how Jesse captures this image….listen to how many photos he takes!

Team for the Day:
Lead Photographer- Jesse
Assist: Maria

Blog post by: Lyndsay Jarufe | Social Media Manager @ellejay_beauty

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