Michelle & Pat’s Engagement Shoot | Washington D.C.

Hey guys! We are switching up my wedding streak with some engagement shoots if you haven’t realized by now! This was a particularly unique shoot as this couple lives in D.C.! Jesse and Maria made a family trip out of it and got to show their boys around for their first time ever there! I can remember my first trip here with my parents and it’s definitely something I’d never forget. The sunrise made for the most stunning backdrop and the weather was perfect and sunny for this engagement shoot! People typically think about sunsets, but you get the same beauty of the sky during sunrise and is a smart pick if you want your shoot done at a tourist spot like the Lincoln Memorial (so you can beat the crowds)! The early bird gets the worm! See for yourself!

Just a few BTS shots from the session and the fam 🙂

Team for the Day: Photographer- Jesse Rinka Photo Assist- Maria

Blog post by: Lyndsay Jarufe | Social Media Manager @ellejay_beauty

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