Teresa & Jose | Monteverde at Oldstone Wedding

Good morning everyone! Teresa and Jose’s wedding day had so many different and beautiful elements. The old stone church made for a gorgeous back drop for the portraits, their ride of choice was pretty epic, and the grounds at Monteverde gave such fairytale feel! I also was in love with Teresa’s gown. It just went so beautifully with the backdrop! Don’t forget to check out Ryan’s video as well… truly love the words the priest had to say. He offered some great advice.

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Ryan’s video is one for the books!! Just love everything about it! So romantic and loved the word’s the priest had to say.

Like always, just a few BTS shots!

Team for the day: Lead Photographer: Jesse
Photo Assist: Angelo
Lead Videographer: Ryan Video Assist: Francis

Wedding Details:
Church: St. Patrick’s Stone Church
Venue: Monteverde at Oldstone
Gown: Paula Varsalona
Florist: Lisa Cesarini
Cake: Betel Cake

Blog post by: Lyndsay Jarufe | Social Media Manager @ellejay_beauty

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