Danielle & Joe | The Estate at Florentine Gardens

Hey guys! Here’s a nice escape from our currently gloomy weather! Let’s take it back to Springtime with Danielle and Joe’s wedding at the beautiful Estate at Florentine Gardens. Some things to look for in this post; Music is a big part of this Groom’s life, so check out the awesome shots of him and his crew! The black and white shots! I personally love black and white photography and I’m in love with how Danielle and Joe’s came out in the garden! And last but not least, always make sure to read to the end for wedding details and behind the scene shots of our team hard at work! Enjoy and let me know what you love about this wedding in the comments below!!

Below are some photos from Danielle & Joe’s Fall engagement shoot at Rockland Lake State Park…

Team for the day:
Primary Photographer: Jesse Rinka
Second Photographer: Mark Photo Assist: Kris

Wedding Details/ Vendors Venue: The Estate at Florentine Gardens Hair: @cassandralivzbeauty Shoes: @betseyjohnson Makeup: @abeautybyamanda

Blog post by: Lyndsay Jarufe | Social Media Manager @ellejay_beauty 

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