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It all started when we watched the Backstreet Boy’s video “Chances” for the first time. We immediately fell in love with the concept and how it told a love story through not only song…but dance. Using that idea as inspiration, we began to brainstorm plans to create a video of our own. There were a few certainties when it came to the planning phase. For one, we knew we needed to have an indoor space large enough to provide our professional dancers with enough room to move about comfortably. Finding such a space that also had a beautiful hardwood floor would be a bonus but after many failed attempts to lock down a location, we weren’t in a position to be all that picky. And of course we wanted a Grand ending as well…so finding a secondary outdoor location which offered a beautiful backdrop was ideal. After reaching out to our contact at Hudson Harbor, we were able to secure access to the perfect indoor location (which actually was EXACTLY what we were looking for). And thankfully, working with Mark (one of our associate primary photographers) to leverage a relationship he had established with one of his own contacts, we were able to secure access to use the property at Lyndhurst Mansion for our secondary/outdoor shooting locations.
When it came to finding the talent, we were extremely fortunate to have a connection to a pair of talented professional dancers (Angelina & Igor) thru a mutual friend. We made a new contact through Instagram with Hailey…a great make-up artist and we were so happy that she was available and on-board to collaborate with us. Then came the wedding dress…we needed to find one that fit with the style of the shoot but that didn’t break the bank of course ;). We went in thinking this part would probably be one of the easiest but it actually ended up being one of the most difficult. The original dress that we ordered ended up not being ready in time…recognizing what was happening, we quickly ordered a second dress and as a backup, even a third dress. We still till this day have not received either of the first two dresses that we ordered (grrrrr…..a learning lesson for sure). Thankfully, it was Lulu’s and their wedding dress line and rush delivery service that saved the day. It may not have been our absolute favorite of the 3…but it worked and we were able to dodge a bullet! The Lulu’s dress is what the bride ended up wearing in the end.

We begin our video at The Lodge at Hudson Harbor with Angelina and Igor chatting by a fire. This moment leads into a walk to the center of the dance floor where the engagement/proposal takes place followed immediately by a celebratory dance. After an absolutely beautiful dance sequence between our couple, we shift to the outdoors with Angelina and Igor now married in front of Lyndhurst Mansion.

The weather that day was blistering cold and windy…it was hard enough for us to be outdoors bundled up and filming so we can’t imagine how Angelina and Igor felt but you’d honestly never know how uncomfortable they might have been. Of course we did our best to keep them as warm as possible, hiding “Hot Hands” in their pockets, running blankets, coats, scarves, etc over to them in-between takes…whatever it took. They were AMAZING through it all. So let’s check out that film!!

Ryan’s Cinematic Film: The Film. This was the most important take away from the collaboration overall. We really wanted to showcase Ryan’s cinematic talents here at the studio! Although he and Jesse have worked many weddings together this year, there is always a set rhythm with them. This styled shoot offered something different. Something where we could plan on our own events with our own vision & style. Ryan put countless hours into the planning of the project, with must have footage and equipment needed to get him there. He edited, reviewed, then edited again (and again) until we reached a “perfect” point. This is what we love about Ryan and why he and Jesse get along so well. He is truly a perfectionist and doesn’t want to ever enter into any project just half-a…well…you know…lol. He takes his time thinking and planning things through. He has come such a long way in the three years we have known him. As lead cinematographer, he is a huge asset to our team and strictly runs the cinematic part of the studio.

Let’s jump into some images!

Jesse’s Edits: Jesse went in with one shot in mind….an intimate up-close shot of the couple laying on the floor. That was his “must-have” shot for us (and I have to say…I think he nailed it). It takes a particular couple to pull that pose off and the real dynamic between Angelina & Igor really allowed for that vision to come to life. The pose is difficult in and of itself and to hold it, while the team adjusted lighting, fog, etc, made it all that much more tricky. In the behind the scene shots you can see Alfred and Francis spraying atmosphere in a can around them while Jesse took photos. Although he captured many more amazing photos, we are obsessed with this one image :). We lead Jesse’s photos by showcasing the Hudson Harbor room we worked in first.

Mark’s Edits: Mark acts as an associate primary photographer for the studio. He has a true passion for capturing “those moments” as you can see in this section. Many of his edited images revolve around the candid moments that bring together the dancers & team. Mark states: “When I am photographing, my MO is to be ‘everywhere and nowhere’; A friendly, calm, and effective presence. I truly love photographing people. I am focused not only on capturing beautiful and meaningful images, but also on ensuring that our clients trust that they are in good hands.” Enjoy his section!

Jeremy’s Edits: Jeremy is our day one soldier! He was brought to us by my cousin when we first opened the studio. We first met him at the studio’s Grand Opening and shortly after, he began working with us as an assistant. Since then, he has worked his way up to second photographer! It has been amazing to watch him grow and develop and take on his own identity. He always brings such a great and positive energy to the team. We know that he will give 110% on any job that we bring him in on. He always asks the right questions and is there when we need him. Jeremy played an integral role in this shoot providing both BTS coverage as well as assisting Ryan on second camera angles and direction. Can’t be more thankful for our Jeremy! Check out some awesome behind the scenes photos he captured!

Francis’ Edits: Francis joined our team last year and we are so excited that he did! He was present at one of Jesse’s very first Adorama workshops and immediately following the workshop, he came up to speak to us to share his interest and passion for photography. Not long after that event, he made an appointment to stop by the studio and we knew at that point that he was passionate, dedicated and a great fit for the team. Francis works on both the video and photo side for us, so you may see him with either Ryan or Jesse at different times! We can promise that whoever you do see him with, he will always have a smile on his face and be sincerely kind (his great attributes). Enjoy his edits!!

Alfred’s Edits: Jesse and Alfred go way back…to the point where Jesse took portraits of Alfred and his wife on their wedding day. As we love staying connected to our clients, we of course stayed in close touch with Alfred and soon after his own wedding, we were happy to hear that he had developed a strong interest in both photo & video. So naturally, we pushed to bring him into the fold. As expected, Alfred was a perfect fit and we have enjoyed having him as a member of the team ever since. Alfred spent less time with a camera in his hands during this shoot and more time assisting with all of the behind the scenes necessities that make things come together the way that they do. For that, we are extremely thankful.

I do want to take a moment to mention that although we had an amazing group of talented individuals present for this collaboration, we do still have more team members who were not specifically a part of this shoot. But don’t worry, we are already beginning to brainstorm for our next collaboration so hopefully we’ll be able to showcase a few of our other members on the next one 😉

Well…if you have made it this far…we sincerely thank you for your time and attention. We hope that the images and of course the film was more than worth it! This shoot really meant a lot to us and we hope the passion we share in creating these images and video is evident. We’d also like to take a moment to thank the folks over at Lyndhurst and Hudson Harbor for being so accommodating to our needs. Without their willingness to allow us access to their space/property, this shoot wouldn’t have turned out nearly as good. It means the world to us that we were able to execute the shoot so close to home (both on a personal and professional level). That is why we love our town so much and their support for their local businesses!!

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Blog post by: Maria Rinka | Studio Manager

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