We love our cake smash sessions here at Jesse Rinka Photography! This little guy was the star of the show! He was such a trooper through the entire session! ALWAYS happy! He was such a pleasure to work with. Scroll all the way down to see a little video of just how happy he was…so adorable.

We are starting off with the last photo just so you can see how it ended…and how it began back to back lol.

Here is Vincent nice and clean…with a clean set!…

Some more portraits of this adorable little man.

And now he is ready to DIG IN! Vincent’s mom did such a great job putting this set together for him! The smell of all the cookies in the room even made the adults hungry!

This one is definitely one of my favorites

Some behind the scenes photos captured on my cell (I know…not the same as Jesse’s photos lol)

Cute little video of Vincent 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post! Like always more to come! We have 4 cake smashes lined up for next week! So….stay tuned!


Location: 51 Main St., Tarrytown, NY

Primary Photographer & Photo Editor: Jesse Rinka (@jesse_rinka)

Blog post by: Maria Rinka | Studio Manager

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