We have done quiet a few cake-smash sessions this year, and I love the fact that they are all different and unique in their own way! When I found out Serena’s theme was going to involve a mermaid, I knew right away we had to do the beach! We believed Oakland Beach would be best because of the scenic rock background.

We started off the session in the most adorable mermaid outfit for this little diva. This ensemble was purchased from the Etsy shop “Baby and a bean.”

Just so happy to be in the sand…and in her outfit!!

Time to come out of the mermaid costume and switch into the next outfit made by the following designers: Skirt: Billieblush, Top: Pinko Up …family portraits below!

These are the moments to treasure.

Now time for the smash! Outfit by Toby.

“Hey mom! What is this?? Can I eat it??!?!” lol

Yum yum!

A little ending blooper doesn’t hurt anyone lol.

 And that’s a wrap….we are outta here!


Location: Rye, NY

Primary Photographer & Photo Editor: Jesse Rinka (@jesse_rinka)

Blog post by: Maria Rinka | Studio Manager

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