The studio has been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to make my blog posts! I have been dying to post this one for some weeks now! We love taking on themed birthday sessions, but it always makes it that much more special when the client is your friend! We have known Joe since grade school (met Tara in high school) and have been friends ever since. So needless to say, when Tara had the idea to do a Beauty and the Beast themed shoot for Alexa, we wanted to make sure we got it right!

The two photos below were captured with our custom hand painted black canvas. We actually didn’t start with this canvas. We started with a lighter backdrop, however, we realized we needed more of a “pop” on her outfit. We loved the look of the black with the gold. Let us know your thoughts too!

Isn’t Alexa the cutest little Belle you have ever seen?? Below are some shots with the gold and then white backdrop.

Loving the family shot and older brother Dominic’s shirt!

Like always, I save my favorite for last :). Love this mirror shot that we were able to get! The trick was to just throw a few rose petals up in the air to grab her attention for a second or two!


Location: Tarrytown, NY

Primary Photographer & Photo Editor: Jesse Rinka (@jesse_rinka)

Blog post by: Maria Rinka | Studio Manager

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