There was no better way to kick off the month of May than with back to back weekends spent with Caitlin and Louis. Our lovely couple planned for two separate wedding ceremonies to celebrate their love for one another and these are some highlights from ceremony # 1 which took place at Fordham University, a place that is very important to them both. Ahead of their ceremony, we spent some time walking the campus and enjoying the beautiful grounds which Fordham offers. The overcast weather played to our advantage as it limited the crowds and made for some super soft and beautiful natural light.  We hope that you enjoy looking through this recap and stay tuned for more photos from ceremony # 2 which took place at The Garrison 🙂


Primary Photographer & Editor: Jesse Rinka (@jesse_rinka)
Photo & Lighting Assist: Angie Gonzalez (@angelitasphotosnyc)

Blog post by: Maria Rinka | Studio Manager

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