Massimo Turns 1! | Cookie Monster Themed Session

The studio has been so busy these past few weeks that we haven’t had a chance to post this super cute 1st Birthday session with Max! Max’s mom had this awesome idea to do a Cookie Monster themed shoot. We absolutely loved the idea and honestly…she couldn’t have put it all together any better! Her props were perfect! And look at his outfit. How cute is it!!!

It didn’t take too long for him to start eating the cookies, lol….and who blames him?!

And that’s it folks :). We attempted to have Max smash the cake…but quickly found out that the blue icing was seriously staining his fingers. Mom (and everyone else in the studio) was concerned he would leave with a permanent blue face if he kept going! So, we ended on a good note and spared Max from truly turning himself into Cookie Monster LOL!

****And stay tuned folks, we just photographed Belle this weekend…..more to come of these super cute toddlers 😉****


Location: Tarrytown, NY

Primary Photographer & Photo Editor: Jesse Rinka (@jesse_rinka)

Blog post by: Maria Rinka | Studio Manager

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