Studio Collab with Roseann Merolla

Now that wedding season has come to a (very!) brief halt, we have been making an effort to arrange as many collaborations as possible to take place at the studio. First up was a shoot with a local Salon owner Roseann Merolla. Roseann owns and manages Salon Atelier which is located in Eastchester, New York ( This was our second time this year working with Roseann and itโ€™s always a great time. Roseann does have modeling experience so this made things run very smooth as she is very comfortable being in front of the camera and great with posing.

So for this shoot, we decided against using a solid colored background and instead took advantage of the wood wall that I had recently installed at the studio.

Roeโ€™s wardrobe really went well with the overall tones and colors. We were also able to incorporate some old props that we had stored for quite some time. This included an old wooden paint ladder and an antique wooden mirror. Towards the end of the session, I also decided to experiment some with gels using one of my newest pieces of equipment, the MagMod Wedding kit.

All in all, this shoot was a lot of fun and we look forward to working with Roseann again in 2018.

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